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The Modern Fashion Importance

As teens, our lives our chaotic and stressful. We participate in school, school activities, extra curricular activities, social activities, and many more. Along with these things, fashion is very important in most teens’ lives. As I read this article, I realize all the conflicts fashion causes and impacts it has on teens.

For example, teens feel like they are required to always be in on the latest fashion trends and styles, but sometimes these trends and styles don’t truly reflect a person’s personality. Fashion can cause teens to try to be someone else, when they should express their own personality through fashion and not hide themselves behind it. Also, fashion is a very high priority for many teens. Some teens feel that if they don’t wear the trending clothes, they don’t fit in with others and aren’t allowed to do the same things that the “trendy” people can. This can cause the feeling of being left out just because of what you wear.

Overall, I completely agree with the article that I read. Fashion can cause great things in teens’ lives, but can also cause conflict and drama that aren’t needed, because individuals shouldn’t be judged on their fashion, and should feel left out because of it either. Over many years, fashion has become more important to most people globally, and because of this growth, I believe that it will continue growing and changing our society; hopefully for the better.

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Come Summer Poem

Come Summer life will not be like this
Dreams become real like a wood nymph’s kiss
The smell of new cut hay heralds the end of May
Come Summer

Come Summer life will not be like this
Roses burn, lover’s yearn
The swallow swoops, the butterfly loops
Come Summer

Come Summer life will not be like this
Morning tears glisten on the cool, cool grass
To be vanquished by the fiery sun’s pass
Come Summer

Come Summer old hearts warm anew, young ones flourish too
The chill of Winter forgotten now
Sleeping dreamily under a leafy bough
Come Summer.

Michael Warburton 1974

I enjoy this poem, “Come Summer” because of the imagery that the author uses to show the reader his description of summer. He yearns for summer and expects life to be different from what it already is by showing the reader what summer will be like. This emotion that the author shows draws me into the poem and makes me yearn for summer also.

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I love having an iPad.

iPads are becoming the new laptop. With just a few clicks, you can read a book, play a game, or study. iPads provide a much easier way of accessing the Internet, copying study habits, doing homework, and more! I think iPads will speed up our learning also. This is because iPads are devices that students are always eager to use, and assignments involving them are seemingly more enjoyable than a worksheet.

Another reason that I like iPads is that we can personalize them to our own interests. We can download lots of apps for education purposes, or just for fun! We can change font sizes, wallpapers, screen layouts, and much more. For example, I picked out a picture of my friends and me to be the wallpaper for my lock screen, and a pink and white design as the wallpaper for my home screen.

Overall, I’m looking forward to the years to come, when we will have hopefully continued using iPads-small devices that will have a large impact on our future.

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New York City

Very recently I went on a vacation with my choir to New York City to sing at Carnegie Hall, and the trip was amazing. But besides singing, we experienced the life of a tourist for a few days. As tourists, we visited Central Park, the Rockefeller Center, Times Square, a Broadway Musical, and of coarse, Carnegie Hall. While at these places and events, we took pictures, looked at views, went shopping, and walked ALOT.

The trip we took to New York really opened my eyes to other lifestyles, beliefs, assumptions, environments, and personalities that I’m not used to. I am used to my suburban life where we ride in cars to most places, where hundreds of people don’t crowd the sidewalks of down town; where people are relaxed and the streets aren’t booming with car honks, masses of people moving around and crossing streets, street venders yelling advertisements, or sirens alarming multiple times a day.

For example, New Yorkers incorrectly assumed that because we were from Texas, we wore cowboy hats and cowboy boots everyday, and lived on ranches. Assumptions like this show how the environment they are in is so consuming, that their understanding of anything different than what they know of and are used to is limited.

Also, the general personality of New Yorkers is interesting, but it isn’t one that I am very familiar with. While some people are eager to begin a conversation with every person they see, some rudely shove their way through groups of people. This may sound very much like the personality of those who live in Austin, but here there is a feeling of enjoyment and relaxation. In New York, you become overwhelmed the moment you see so many people at one time in one place. The overwhelming environment seems to create stress for the people there, and that is what makes the personalities of New York and Austin different.

My experiences have led me to understanding more clearly the diversity that we have all over the world, and how to accept it. I will never forget this trip.

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         The dark, watery liquid splashes up onto my ankles as I take my first steps after being unconscious on the rock-hard slimy floor of the Phantom’s lair. My angel of music sits at the grand organ in the center of the hall. Dimly lit, the hall is lined with hundreds of candles and many dark, rotted skulls of those so unfortunate to be murdered by this creature that I call my “guide and guardian”.

            I look around, not noticed by the Phantom, for he is in a musical trance at the organ. I see dark pools of liquid like the one I stepped in scattered around the floor. A gust of wind blows my hair in front of my face, and I no longer can see this dark cave that I stand in. As the wind dies down, my hair falls from my face, and I notice that many of the candles on the walls have gone out, making the room much darker.

            The Phantom stands up from his bench at the organ and begins to take multiple slow steps toward me. The sound of his steps echoes throughout the cave, and I realize just how big this underground lair is. The “click, click, click” continually echoes for a while before fading away in the distance.

            A loud crash and shriek catch my ear. I watch a candle fall onto the ground along with a coil of rope from a high shelf on the wall. My angel turns to see what fell, and then turns back to face me with an evil looking smile.

            He asks me to sing for him.

photo credit: Lawrence OP via photopin cc

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Let’s Go to the Mall!

On the weekends, some people like to go to the park, or watch  TV, but I will always prefer to go shopping!

I love going shopping because I get to buy new clothes to wear to school, or items to play with, or decorations to put up in my room. Usually, when I go shopping, I’m shopping for clothes. I enjoy shopping at Nordstrom, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Garage, and many other clothing stores. After a succesful shopping trip, I always look forward to wearing or using my newly purchased items!

Also, I love shopping because it’s a chance to go out and see people and things that you wouldnt normally see. The experience of shopping is a good one. Some times, I see people with crazy colored hair or weird looking clothes, and sometimes I’ll see things like brigh rainbow bedazzled shorts, and think, “who would wear those?” but I know somebody would. Seeing things and people like this is what makes shopping such a fun experience.

Shopping just makes me happy. From the excitement of buying new clothes, to the exciting hustle of people through the mall, I look forward to the next time I get to go shopping!


New Student

Quiet footsteps are heard walking through the doorway; nervously, like a mouse. It was the first day back to school after the winter break, and nobody was enjoying being back at school again. Most heads perk up from their writing to see who might be creeping in through the door today. They saw a small child with short blonde hair and tan skin. The students, wearing casual clothing in their class, were alarmed to see the boy dressed in a neatly ironed suit, fit for a party or wedding of some sort. The boy nervously made his way to the front area of the classroom to stand directly beside the teacher. The class soon began to ask and wonder about the boy and what he was doing at their school. Sadly for the students, the only question that was answered was the boys name, which was told from his nametag that he wore precisely on his left shoulder, reading: Jeoffry. As the class pondered, Jeoffry vanished, then reappeared on the other side of the room. That was all the moving her could do: telepartation. He teleported around the school for the rest of the year and many years to come.


Halloween Front Porch

The young boy, dressed as a superhero of some sort, slowly and carefully creeps up the steps to the porch of what lookis like a demon’s residence. Everything appears dark as night, until the boy takes one small step into the realm of what truly resides on the porch. Lights flicker, giving the child a small glimse of goulish faces on jack-o-lanterns and messages written in fake blood on the walls saying, “warning!” and “beware!” Fog creeps out from behind a corner as a hand reaches our from a windowand a voice like a hard cold stone speaks, “take it or leave it!” The boy, now very firghtened, quickly snatches the handful of chocolates from the unknown hand, and dashes away in terror.

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Who Am I?

I am the one who…

…practices gymnastics around my room, house, and gym as if I were an Olympian.
…takes pictures of people and places wherever I go so that I can be reminded of the good memories from that time.
…goes on fun family vacations in spring break and during the summer to experience a nice getaway every once in a while.
…enjoys lying in the sand on a warm sunny day at the beach and listening to the waves crashing and birds calling.
…sings in school varsity choir and in the shower to pracice for concerts and other performances.
…plays the piano because I like hearing the music that I can make with my fingers.
…spends two weeks of my summer away at Camp Mystic with many new and old friends every year.
…eats my fair share of ice cream every time we get the chance to stop by Amy’s because coffee ice creamm with chocolate chuncks is one of my favorite desserts.
…shops for clothes and accessories every chance I get because I love having new things to wear and use.
…talks or texts with my friends or famioy often because I like having someone there to talk to.

photo credit: marcp_dmoz via photopin cc

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iFlip, iFly, iWork, iGymnastics.

What can I say?

I love gymnastics.
The joy of springting at full speed straight at a four foot high “table” with the goal to do a flip over it and somehow land on two feet. The anxiety of standing almost five feet in the air on a four inch wide peice of wood and telling yourself over and over in your mind, “I can do this.” before reaching backwards into a backbend and not really knowing if your hands are even going to land on the beam. The exciting dance moves and skills in a long tiring floor routine that is put to music and performed as if you were on a dancefloor. The strange feeling of being on a wooden bar that is so high that you cant even jump to grab it from standing on the ground and you swing back and forth while only being able to hold on with your hands.

Even though gymnastics is one of the most difficult things I do in my life, it is also one of the most fun and amazing and i couldn’t live without it.

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